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We've been helping mid-to-small size businesses leverage the web for over 15 years...

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Flexible, responsive and thoughtful in building a site that would expand as my business grew...

Christine Harmel, President
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gearsWe've produced websites, e-tools, applications, and collateral marketing and done consulting for nearly every budget, and for nearly every industry and audience. You can count on MeridianWest Creative for sound advice and the best approach to your communications needs. Here are some reasons why our projects are delivered on-time and within spec:
  • Clear and concise goals and objectives are defined before website production begins.
  • All projects are developed in logical phases with regular milestone reviews and approval points.
  • Technology is defined around your business needs and available assets--not our egos.
  • We'll ask the right questions, then return ideas that will benefit your image and your bottom line.
  • We Care! The success of your communications efforts are important to us, and we offer the level of responsiveness and focus we expect from our own business partners.


Websites and More—Get a Unified Approach

Today, every organization is in the publishing business. Allocating resources toward clear and honest messaging signifies a big evolutionary leap forward, and one that is now comfortably within reach of nearly every size business.

Preliminary Website Planning and Consulting

Website design and development requires thoughtful planning and evaluation. Let our expertise guide you through budget and technical considerations, feasibility and scenario-reviews. We can help you make important decisions concerning your business model, project costs and scope. Typical issues addressed during this phase are:

  • Current and Projected Business Focus and Core-Competencies
  • Available Marketing/Sales Assets and Artwork and Define Outstanding Needs
  • Target Audience
  • Possible Marketing Strategies
  • Competitors and Their Market Positioning
  • Business Development and Planning
  • e-Commerce Needs
  • Special Technical Requirements
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO, SEP)
  • Reporting and Metrics Needs (such as Google Analytics tracking)
  • Website Goals
  • Management of Web Site Updates and Enhancements
Website Design and Development

We specialize in employing a creative and user-friendly design approach centering on your unique messaging. Whether your company requires a brochure site or e-commerce portal, our primary goal is to make your website a valuable and useful extension of your business.

We put a lot of time and effort into defining your navigation and entry points so that your link language and titling makes sense, and aligns with your visitors' expectations. In short, we are big on planning simple, user-friendly navigation systems and making sure we have alloted space in advance for info-slot features and calls-to-action.

Throughout the development and design process our clients are given review points and options. We love showing our clients new and better ways to display and layer their content so that key sales and marketing messaging is easily accessible and at eye-level.

E-Newsletters, Announcements, Landing Pages, Micro Sites and More

E-Newsletters, Announcements and Other Notifications—We have a number of formats available. We'll go over your needs, and show you options that are suitable for your requirements.

Now you can quickly and easily publish professionally designed e-newsletters and run promotions while building a data base list of your prospects and customers. We can manage your e-campaigns, or can set up a self-managed newsletter account for you. Either way you'll get well-designed newsletters and an excellent, easy to understand reporting system. Within two years one of our clients parlayed a 5000 person subscriber list into a list of 25,000 subscribers—and it's still growing. Our services include:

  • Customized and Templated Newsletter Designs
  • A Simple, Powerful Reporting System
  • A-B Testing Solutions
  • Copywriting and Content Writing
  • Subscriber Sign-Up Form (which can be easily added to nearly any website)
  • Opt-In and Opt-Out Newsletter Links
  • Ability to build website content by posting published newsletter links, on-the-fly to your website

More Calls to Action: Landing Pages and Micro Sites

Best used for very focused messaging and immediate calls-to-action, landers and micro sites are stand-alone pages that can tie into any number of marketing campaign media types such as e-newsletters, print announcements, radio and can be the perfect destination for QR codes. Landers and micro sites are relatively low-cost to implement and can offer measurable results.

Copywriting and Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization

Think meta-tag keywords are going to get you listed? Think again.

In the world of Google, some things have changed, and some things have not. Well written, keyword-rich copy has always been an important part of search engine placement, but meta-tags--particularly keyword meta-tags, are for the most part irrelevant. We offer research and copywriting that focuses on bringing together your products and services and your audience. We can also create bite-size messaging and call-to-action strategies for Google AdWords and other marketing campaigns.

New Print Strategies-Marketing Plus!

Is your company still printing the same kinds of newsletters, brochures and sales pieces it did a few years ago? Are your customer presentations housed in large format folders just because? Are your brochures overflowing with copy and dated graphics? Do you need a more contemporary logo?

With all the affordable resources now available, every company is in a position to proudly enjoy a polished, professional profile that inspires customer confidence. By expertly refining your copy, messaging and image, by re-evaluating your information delivery in light of newer alternatives, we'll help you leverage your marketing dollars, and, better yet, help you cut down on paper and ink use by shifting some of the marketing load onto the web.

Our insight and experience in the areas of copywriting, sales-positioning, graphics and technology can give your business the tools you need to partner your web and print initiatives, wisely. We call this our Marketing Plus! Services, and in the process you'll achieve a better business focus, improved visual voice and probably get a little greener, too!

E-Commerce and E-Catalogs

There are lots of options out there...

When it comes to e-commerce systems, it's not a one-size-fits-all world. Let us help you choose the right platform for your specific e-commerce needs.

On-Going Website Updates and Maintenance

Your site is an important aspect of your business.

On-Going Updates and Site Maintenance are critical to the health and well-being of any website. Most of our clients depend on us for timely and responsive copy changes, creative initiatives and technical support.

We specialize in providing responsive service and website updates within 24-48 hours.

Website Project Recovery Services and File Reclamation

Website Project Recovery Services and File Reclamation are available.

We have discreetly salvaged many a website, and have successfully transacted the problematic details of domain name ownership, FTP access and native art and programming file acquisition.


Software Tool Evaluations

Before you buy, let us help you decide.

We've been working with technology and user-interfaces for a number of years, and have always been proponents of boxed over proprietary solutions. Still, we've seen many clients take the bait for a low-cost system only to find that implementation costs exceeded their expectations. Often small-to-mid-size businesses owners don't have the experience to know what sorts of questions and testing needs to take place in advance of making their decisions. We can help.

Domain Names

Did Your Know? Your domain name is a lot like a property title.

We've helped a number of our clients find the right domain names for their marketing needs. We also can provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Domain Name Availability, Selection and Search
  • Title Transfer Issues
  • Domain Name Registration and Choosing a Registrar
  • Domain Name Negotiations, Purchases and Sales
  • Domain Name Parking, Pointing, etc.

Whether we build you a standard HTML site or Wordpress content management system, we'll help you choose the right hosting company for your needs.

We have worked with a number of hosting companies over the years and know what to look for in a hosting provider.

Usability Reviews, Independent Evaluations and Proofing

Usability Reviews, Independent Evaluations and Proofing can catch costly errors, and save post-launch headaches. With thousands of web pages behind us, MeridianWest Creative provides expert evaluations and alternative scenario planning. We are really good at catching problems early, and simplifying even the most complex content delivery and info structural issues.


We build websites designed to serve your company's goals and connect with your audience. We also create and plan effective messaging and visuals that can be used to communicate your brand across web and print. Your marketing dollars are valuable, and we can show you how to leverage those dollars into a solid, cross-platform marketing plan.

  • Tenet-LAMC

    Los Alamitos Medical Center-Tenet Healthcare



    Concept design/creative, print production, marketing

  • Performance Vein Institute


    Web Dev & Design~Print~Marketing

    Copywriting, full site design and on-going marketing support and consulting for this growing medical practice.

    details preview
  • GreenTek Industrial Solutions

    -Environmental Engineering-

    Web Design & Dev

    This engineering website project required fast prototyping, design and copywriting for a one week turnaround.

    details preview
  • Los Alamitos Cardiovascular


    Web Dev & Design~Print~Marketing

    We provide comprehensive marketing and consulting services for this medical practice that includes web, print production, ads,PR and on-going reputation management.

    details preview
  • Sound Deposition Services, Inc.

    -Legal Services-

    Web Dev & Design~Print

    In 2011 MWC defined and built an HTML-5 site that could grow with the client's need for enhanced media presentations and evolving on-line marketing and sales dependencies.

    details preview
  • BQE

    BillQuick Software

    -Accounting Software-

    Web Dev & Design~Marketing

    BQE's new site had been partially programmed and designed, but still needed more work: structural organization, copywriting and CSS, HTML and ASP programming, and new documentation. We assumed the project and got it back on track for a successful launch.

    details preview
  • Capital Finance Group


    Web Dev & Design

    For nearly 20 years, CFGCO has been working with start-ups and venture capital firms. In the newest version of the site, the client agreed it was time to feature its impressive client portfolio front-row and center.

    details preview
  • Del Mar Avionics

    -Ultra Precise Load Lifters-

    Web Dev & Design

    We created a new design and marketing concept to replace a site that was several years' old and housed on just one page. Working with DMA's ad agency we repurposed DMA's brochure and integrated both web and print visuals into the current website.

    details preview
  • PPA Real Estate and Investments

    -Property Dev, Mgmt and Finance-

    Web Dev & Design~Print~Marketing

    Built and designed rental inventory system, investor portal, managed over 20 websites and created print and e-marketing campaigns during our eight year association.

    details preview
  • HealthView, Inc.


    Web Design & Dev, Print, Marketing

    Multiple websites including primary nonprofit and secondary independent and assisted living website and supporting print collaterals.

  • Envent Corporation

    -Environmental Engineering-

    Web Dev & Design~Print~Marketing

    Created and developed multiple print and email campaigns, website redesign, lander page marketing tie-ins.

  • Envent Corporation

    -Environmental Engineering-


    New concepts for enhanced website and marketing that aligns with sales categories, goals and competencies.

  • CloudMailers

    -E-Newsletters & Greetings-

    Web Design & Dev~Incubator

    Website design and development for business specializing in on-line email campaigns.

  • Apartments America

    -Real Estate Investments-

    Web Design & Dev

    New venture beta website done as on-line brochure.

  • Shopping Partnership

    -School Rewards Programs-

    Web Design & Dev

    In late 2009 we enhanced this client's on-line presence, and added a number of features to help facilitate communications between shopping centers and school rewards participants. SP's email subscriber base climbed from zero to 55,000 since then.

    details preview
  • The Quickie!

    Web Dev & Design~Incubator

    We call this The Quickie because it is a single page website designed to be up and running in a snap! Like this site, it can house any number of items including a portfolio section. Multiple variations and colors on the single-page theme are available. Just ask us!

    details preview
  • Advanced ImmunoChemical


    Web Design & Dev, Print, Marketing

    During our 10 year association, we created on-and-off-line product catalogs, a specialized e-commerce module and ran multiple web and print campaigns.

  • "What Really Counts Campaign-V1"


    Part of marketing campaign designed as a response to competitor's "Bigger is Better" ad.

  • Holiday Greetings 2011-2012


    One of our favorities-a retro themed holiday greeting cards for sales staff.

  • Flying High-Demo


    Ready for take-off! Programmed and prepped for your next email campaign. Just give us your logo, and your images, and let us do the rest.

  • The Real Deal-Demo


    Another email design ready for prime-time. We have a huge number of designs and info layouts that we can customize for your business and unique messaging.

  • Serious News!-Demo


    Flexible newsletter template designed to highlight important info--suitable for most businesses.

  • PureWellness


    Newsletter-Lander Page

    Programming and consulting for corporate los-weight, promotional campaign.

  • Experimental Layout-A

    Web Dev & Design~Incubator

    Just one of many website concepts in the box, and ready for a client. This layout would work well for a PR firm or brand-related agency.

  • URCO

    Web Dev & Design~Incubator

    URCO is a demo site that can be adapted to your business needs, and is just an example of a a prototype approach that saves you time and money, while delivery top-quality and the latest in design and web functionality.

    details preview
  • Grindworks Film Festival-Demo

    Newsletter-Lander Page

    Concept design for e-newsletter which could be adapted to a lander page or micro site.

  • SterlingCare

    -Medical/Consumer Financing-

    Project Mgmt of Admin Backend

    Despite numerous logistical and technical challenges, ww took this project that had been in the works for seven years, got it off the ground and complete.

    proof of conceptpreview
  • JCL Barricade-Demo


    Web Design & Dev

    Prototype A example for client reference.

  • Pacific View Housing and Development

    -Real Estate Development-

    Web Design and Dev

    Example of interim website page.

  • Laquer Urban Clifford & Hodge


    Web Design & Consulting

    Though several years old, we kept this example in our portfolio because we still like the layout and design. We worked with LUCH for over 12 years.


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